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We come to you at home work or roadside


With years of experience, our qualified motor mechanics and auto electricians come to you in Newcastle & Hunter Valley area. Our services are customised for your vehicle’s needs. No matter the make or model, our mechanics have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you with every need.

5 ways a mobile mechanic can make life Easier:-

1 – Mobile mechanics can assist you with all of your vehicle needs

Many car owners will head to the dealership where they purchased their vehicle for all kinds of maintenance needs, including oil changes, tyre rotations and battery checks. What many car owners don’t realise is that mobile mechanics can perform the same services right in your driveway. At Lynx Auto Services mechanics are trained to do all kinds of preventative maintenance, including oil changes, tyre pressure checks, battery checks and inspections of lights, windscreen wipers, brakes and more.

2 – You don’t have to worry about a middleman

Normally when you place a call to a dealership, you end up chatting with an office assistant or a salesperson- not helpful when you have a technical question. You can speak directly with your knowledgeable and experienced Lynx Auto Services Mechanic at any time, without having to schedule an appointment. In the same way that a doctor knows their patients, a mobile mechanic knows your car inside and out and is ready to assist you with routine maintenance needs as well as complex repairs.

3 – The convenience can’t be beat

Most car owners know vehicles always seem to have problems at the least convenient times: In the middle of your morning commute, right before a big road trip or while you’re in the midst of a financial crisis. Mobile mechanics make life easier by coming directly to you, regardless of your location. This hassle-free option could save you hundreds in towing fees and gives you one less thing to worry about when you’re already swimming in car-related stress. Lynx Auto Services trustworthy mechanics are committed to making sure you don't have to pay for repairs you don’t need, while also ensuring your cars’ safety and functionality.

4 – Mobile mechanics have all the right tools to get the job done

Since cars have thousands of intricate parts, many vehicle owners feel like they need to go straight to a dealership for maintenance and repairs. It’s true a dealer can have most parts you’d need for your vehicle, but Lynx Auto Services mechanics also have access to Hundreds of thousands of parts for hundreds of different vehicle types. Best of all, mobile mechanics follow all manufacturer guidelines and use manufacturer-recommended parts so that your warranty won’t void. Additionally, Lynx Auto Services mechanics will stamp your logbook, meaning you have a record of all the work that is done on your vehicle, and all parts and labour provided by Lynx Auto Services mechanics are backed by a 12-month/20,000km guarantee.

Mobile mechanics will help maintain your car’s resale value when you engage them for regular servicing and checks.

5 – Mobile mechanics are FAST AND EFFECTIVE

When you book your vehicle in for an appointment with our mobile mechanics. your Mechanic is there to work on your vehicle straight away. When the work is finished your vehicle is returned to you ready to go. No organising lifts to pick up and drop of your vehicle. 


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