Newcastle & Maitland's

Quality Brake & Clutch

Have you been hearing screeching when your brake? Or, does the pedal seem soft? If your brakes are losing grip or your car is taking longer than normal to stop, don’t delay! Bring your car into Lynx Auto Services for full break services.

Brake servicing

Every time you press your brake pedal, a complex system goes into action to smoothly stop your car in a short distance. We know your brake system inside and out and can recommend the best brakes for your model of car and driving style. We even service European cars!


We can replace brake pads, rotors, and drums, as well as brake hydraulics. We use the highest quality parts to ensure safe driving. We offer a range of brake pads to fit all vehicles and budgets. For demanding driving conditions, try out our performance and 4WD brake pads.

Clutch servicing

A bad clutch will take the oomph out of your manual transmission. As your clutch wears it becomes more difficult to change gears. You may hear grinding or notice slipping as it gets worse. Putting off clutch repairs can impact the driveline leading to even more costly car problems.


We service and replace all makes of clutches, including European cars. Our experts will have your transmission system running smoothly in no time. We use the best parts and practices so you know you’ll be satisfied with our work.