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Lynx Auto Services are specialised distributors and repairers of Diesel Fuel Injection systems, ranging from small passenger vehicles to earth moving and industrial applications. Certified factory trained Diesel Fuel Injections technicians utilising the most advanced equipment ensure the highest level of testing and repair is achieved.

Important Diesel Infomation:-

Diesel Filtration Chart

Clean, dry Diesel is the key to maximum life from your diesel pump and injectors


Clean, water free diesel fuel is the single most important thing when it comes to getting maximum service life from your diesel engines injection pump and injectors.  Debris and water will very quickly cause wear in the injectors and the suction control valve.  The suction control valve is what governs the fuel rail pressure, with rail pressures exceeding 30 000psi (that’s not a typo)  and working tolerance of as little as 1 micron it extremely important to supply the injection system with the cleanest fuel possible.

Most OEM (factory fitted) diesel filters have a rating of about %99@10 microns,  some a little more, some a little less.
What that means is the filter will trap 99 out of 100 particles 10 microns or larger in size.  As the particle size gets smaller, the efficiency of the filter gets worse.    

Lynx Auto Services uses RYCO diesel filters.  All of the micron ratings and efficiency’s are available on RYCO web site, enter the part numbers and hit ‘find’.  As an example, the part number for a 3.2L Triton has a rating of %99@10 microns at 8 microns it is %95 efficient.
Efficiency at 2 or 3 microns will be close to %50.  That is, %50 of particles that size will pass through the filter. You may be thinking that a genuine filter is a better option,  remember though, that RYCO filters meet or exceed the OEM spec and RYCO them selves are suppliers to many OEM's.   

So where does that leave those of us who want to protect our expensive diesel injection systems?   There is only one solution, we must fit a secondary diesel filter with a high efficiency at a small micron.  Thankfully RYCO have filter kits that fit our needs perfectly. 
A cost effective filter with a rating of %99@3 microns and a %95 efficiency at removing water.  With this filter installed between the OEM filter and the injection pump, you can be confident you are giving your diesel injection system clean dry diesel and maximising their service life.

Lynx Auto Services Prefered Brand of fuel filter RYCO